This blog has been a couple of years in thought process. I, the author of this blog, am someone who likes to fly a little under the radar and social media participation ups the risk of being drawn into online conversations. Regardless, I do have something relevant to contribute to our world and I fancy myself a burgeoning writer with a retirement goal to do more. I have been in the field of nutrition for about 25 years. I am a registered dietitian trained and interned in one of the best cities in North America, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have worked with all of the life cycle stages, children of all ages, teens, women in reproductive years and some older populations to some degree.

I have seen ALOT in the years I have practiced. Even though my training and experience is in clinical nutrition and some view me as “expert in certain areas” such as diabetes and pregnancy where I currently work, it comes clear with every year that I work, knowledge and skill is one thing, understanding is another. There is so much to be understood in the field of nutrition, it is still a pretty young science and it is much like a flower unfolding its petals. When I graduated in 1992 from Mount Saint Vincent University, my degree was a Bachelor in Science with Foods and Nutrition. The umbrella undergrad program was called Human Ecology which is something that was renamed from Home Economics which if I go way back was the program I started in at UPEI in 1981. My reason for explaining all of this is that I am feeling less clinically focused these days due to the volume of learning received over the years.

During my graduating year, I had the great privilege of mentoring with a professor by name of Aileen Murphy. As I recall my interactions with her, I am reminded of the roots she instilled in our class and lives. These roots are in human ecology. What is human ecology you say? It is a multidisciplinary field that explores relationships between people and the environments they interact with most closely.  Human Ecology provides necessary tools to understand and enhance everyday life.  I think I am re-morphing back into my home economics or human ecology roots.

So on this blog you may find nutrition focused information worthy of something a dietitian would provide to her clients.  You may also find musings on life and relationships since they impact our health and well-being in so many aspects. You will definitely find humor sometimes a little off beat. You will find creativity and spirit too because life without those two things (and humor) is not a fun life, in my own humble dietitian opinion.  If you have something to say that fits with the human ecology focus of this blog, send it along.  I plan to have lots of guest postings.  Too much pressure having to always write something. Sometimes, I might just post a funny cartoon or poem that makes you reflect.  Whatever comes up on the blog, I hope you enjoy.  You will notice that I have omitted a comments section for now.  Opinion sharing will be scarce on the blog.  If you do have comments, please email me and I may write a blog post on your comment.