Pickle Ballers Unite

What do NHL players and my 81 year old mother have in common? Well, they both enjoy pickle ball as a leisure sport. This blog post is not about pickle ball though, sorry to all the pickle ball fans. This post is about my mother’s love for fitness. From my very first memory my mother has been a gal on the move. She was an avid tennis player playing B level teams at our local fitness court in her 40’s. She tried her hand at golf, racquetball, and in later years pickle ball and bowling.
I thank her for inspiring me to be active on almost every day. I am less sports minded ( and competitive!) than my mother. Sometimes those tennis balls would whistle by our shoulders a little fast when she taught my sister, brother and I growing up. “It’s all in the serve and the follow through, dear”, she would coach.
Even in the pandemic, she got herself out walking, sometimes in the bleak cold evenings of lockdown. Kudos and thanks to my mother for giving me the love of movement and I passed it along to my girls.
Lesson? We’re never too old to play. Now, I wonder if those NHLers also are lit up by shopping at the local Value Village?

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