Celery – the Unsung Green Vegetable

It’s not often that you see celery celebrated as a side dish on a dinner or lunch plate in North America though this is not so true world wide where it plays a more prominent role in a meal. Like a side or bit part actor it holds its own in a meal but doesn’t stand out and show off. But when it does make its presence known it is subtle, a little unstated but powerful. It delivers flavor that defies description and texture abound. It hangs out in the fridge just waiting for its opportunity to bring something magical to food. Standing tall but never imposing or stalking (sorry). At just 16 calories a cup it adds to the green of a plate – though perhaps paler shade of green never the less green. Offering beautiful benefits of phytochemicals that add to our antioxidant quotient and perhaps emerging benefits around reduced inflammation in addition to its vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium content. It’s a real knock out.

The world would be sadder place without celery so head to the market or your fridge today. Take off a piece of this wonderful root vegetable. Add it to a sandwich, salad, sauce, soup or stir fry and watch your dish come alive. Better yet eat on its own. Or get your crunch, fat and sweet fix by adding some almond or peanut butter with some raisins or dried cranberries. This is a great snack anytime or especially at any upcoming festive events guaranteed to please your guests. Perhaps the ancient Greeks were on to something in awarding celery leaves to commemorate winnings. Celebrate celery today!

One thought on “Celery – the Unsung Green Vegetable

  1. Ohsberg

    As I am turning into a snacker, this is a timely reminder of something I enjoyed as a kid. I especially liked it with peanut butter, and it was always refreshing.
    Really well-written article containing good info. Thanks


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