Rules for Less Stressful Living

I wrote these points around life and stress for my daughters a year or two ago.  They are pretty well on their way in life, busy with friends, work and school.  I am no expert by any means so just a few observations.  I have more work to do on some of them, but hey we are all one glorious work in progress.

Rules for a less stressful living

Here they are in no particular order….

Keep finances in check. Live within means even if others around you are not.

Use a credit card for convenience, points and establishing credit but always pay it off each month.

Keep your weight under control. Eat well without obsession. Be aware of life transitions that can impact your food choices. Fad diets are not helpful and are likely harmful.

Stay active and keep your body moving. Dancing and exercise that you enjoy are better than any drug.

Stay in touch with family. Communicate your feelings in ways that preserve dignity for all.

Engage with society but know when you need to have quiet time for yourself.

Find something creative and spend time with it.

Be aware of when you are judging yourself and ignore judgement from others. What people think of you is none of your business. Don’t let others rent space in your head.

Pray to someone or something else to feel less alone.

Be polite and respectful of others in your space. Treat them as you would want to be treated.

Forgive yourself if you mess up sometimes but try and learn the lesson in the experience.

Get enough sleep.

Know that a bad day is usually followed by a better day. This is especially true when you have young children.

Keep alcohol in check. You only have one liver. It is amazing but can only protect you so far.

Be aware that people come and go in your life so enjoy the times that you have but know that things will always change.

Put good things in your head. Read positive stuff and be aware of things that sap your energy or joy.

Take medication when needed and appropriate.

Learn basic things in life like swimming and driving and learn to drive a manual transmission.

Learn to write a good letter.

Keep your living space tidy and as clean and uncluttered as possible. Make your bed every day.

Find the positive in bad situations.

Stay on top of your dental health, don’t drink too much coffee.

A shower or an Epsom salt bath can make you feel so much better.

One thought on “Rules for Less Stressful Living

  1. Bob

    Great flow of consciousness. Many “think abouts” and each one solid – some even more than others. “Don’t let others rent space in your own head”


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