The “Root” (vegetable) of Change

Have you ever felt stuck? Can’t go back, can’t move forward. With the result being frustration, anxiety, overwhelm. As with many of life’s transitions, it is a good reminder that you are not alone. When any significant life event befalls us, it is surprising how many people share similar stories of the same when you open up about it.

Perhaps you are wishing to make a change for eating better, for being more active, for giving up or cutting down on one of those dang vices – alcohol, caffeine or the dreaded sugar. Maybe you are contemplating a career change or wishing to move out of or  improve a life relationship. I wrote “wishing” in that last sentence and this is a good point. Try implies effort but wish has no action whatsoever. One guarantee of not moving forward is non-action. Without action there is often a feeling of pain as opposed to power. In the Susan Jaffer book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, she discusses a Pain vs Power continuum. You can illustrate this for yourself on any piece of paper and have it readily available for you to see each day. It can be plain or fancy, your choice.

You can pinpoint your progress each day or time of day. The movement toward action impacts your space on this continuum of pain to power and is key to heading to the left toward pain or right toward power. Easier said than done as there seems to be barriers on the way to progress. Judgement of self, perceived or actual judgement from others, financial or physical challenges. Pick anyone. Then write it down and throw it out the window. Replace it with “I can handle this”, another Jaffer tip. Or in the words of a sagely man from Cape Breton, knock the t off can’t.

If you peeled one carrot and ate it that would be you eating either 100% more vegetables if you don’t eat any or 50% better if you only eat one vegetable a day. Any percentage is excellent as long as it is in the positive direction. 10% improvement is a great goal and very achievable. Decision, commitment and resolve are steps in the right direction. Get yourself out of the quick sand of life and get going. When you start looking for what you need, it will show up. There are no coincidences. All of these points are made from various books and authors that aim to help us in our mental and physical awareness. Put good stuff in your head. Limit news. Be in your world and community but know when you need to have peace and quiet.

One final shout out to a writer and blogger named Nicki Cullen. Check out his amazing writing on anxiety on the Medium or Facebook. Be forewarned of his humorous but spicy language but he is an artist with his words. His last article inspired this writing.

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” Louisa May Alcott

One thought on “The “Root” (vegetable) of Change

  1. Bob

    Thanks for the encouragement to move toward power in The Root of Change. To have another person to tell both your resolve and progress would further enable a person to take a “power” action.


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